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Conducting extraordinary performance appraisals is an essential skill for every manager. The performance appraisal is the single most effective tool a manager an use for performance improvement. Appraisals serve as an opportunity to provide constructive feedback and coaching as well as a time to give recognition and inspiration. Not only do great appraisals improve employee performance, but they strengthen manager performance as well. After all, managers cannot truly succeed until their employees do.

The extraordinary performance appraisal is not born out of a single meeting. Rather, it’s a continuous year round process. Performance appraisals are only meaningful when they have direct, ongoing influence on an employee's behavior and performance. And the appraisal won't have any influence if it's something that you only think about just one day out of the year.

This program covers:
  • Preparation
  • Documentation
  • Performance Logs
  • Conducting a job analysis
  • Employee Self-Appraisals
  • Best practices for appraisal forms
  • Best practices for appraisal meetings
  • Keeping appraisals objective and job related
  • Goal setting
  • Follow through

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