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Drew Hodges (Founder of Spotco), Joshua Davis (Artist in New Media), and George Lois (Legendary Creative) use their own ways to create advertisements with various deas and tools. Find out how they efficiently combine their talents into the design.
Robert Brunner (Former Apple design chief), Stefan Sagmeister (Graphic Designer), and Mauro Porcini (Chief Design Officer at Pepsico) speak about how their extraordinary products were created and have connected with people in everyday life.
Part 6 of series, is still in production and expected completion by end of 2015
Will Wright (Game Designer), Dror Benshetrit (Industrial Designer), Tom Geismar and Sagi Haviv (Logo & Identity Designer), and Ivan Chermayeff (Designer, Illustrator & Artist) present their creative process of iconic designs that interact with people, from computer games; even an Island.
From an idea to the first design of a new product, designers have their own ways of creating the art using a drawing board or a computer screen. But what makes the most attractive product out of tons of good products? Now, designers have to use not only their creativity but also ...
Three Partners in New York design firm Pentagram, Paula Scher, Natasha Jen, and Michael Bierut have successfully worked in different aspects of design; such as brand identity, the Android lock screen, packaging, and LED screen. They also discuss "good design" in this episode.
Jakob Trollback (Founder of Trollback + Company), Jon Burgerman (Doodle Artist), and Hjalti Karlsson and Jan Wilker (Co-founders of Karlsson Wilker Inc.) came to ew York City in order to achieve their dreams as designers
James Victore (Designer & Self-made teacher), Paul Buckley (Creative Director), and Randy Hunt (Creative Director of Etsy) explain their process of creation rom start to finish. How did they spend their ten thousand hours to become experts in design?
Milton Glaser (Graphic Designer), Mirko Ili? (Illustrator & Graphic Designer), and Adam Tihany (Hospitality Designer) share their stories of how they design, who inspired them, and how they came up with great ideas of iconic graphic designs and hospitality designs.

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