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Learn the Grammar of Spoken English The Global English series is ideal for native and non-native speakers of English and all education levels. Each lesson allows for self-paced study and teaches the 26 letters of the English alphabet and their pronunciation related to ...
Teaches: Future continuous, Future perfect, Future perfect continuous, Use of present simple to express futurity, Use of present continuous to express futurity, The "be to" and "be likely" forms used to express futurity, Other modal verbs and structures used to express futurity.
Teaches: Use of primary and modal auxiliaries, and use of verb phrases, Gerunds and infinitives, Gerunds and infinitives acting as direct object, Using possessives with gerunds, Gerunds and infinitives: review, Imperatives.
Teaches: The names and the sounds of the 26 letters of the English alphabet, The subject pronouns (or personal pronouns), Brief introduction to the parts of speech, The 26 letters of the alphabet acting as consonants and vowels.
Teaches: The soft sound of "C" and "G", Diphthongs (or vowel teams), When "Y" and "W" act as vowels and when "Y" and "W" act as consonants, Sight words, Words and expressions commonly misused, Stress (or accent) rules.
Teaches: The vowels A, E, I, O, U, Y and W behaving as vowels, The A sound, when M or N follows A, Syllables and the three vowel-rules, R controlled, The vowel U not acting as a vowel in QU, Present simple of the auxiliary verb to be, English as a subject-verb-object language, Present simple ...
Teaches: The articles "a/an and" the, Have and have got, verbs that show possession, Simple present and spelling rules for the simple present, Simple present negatives and questions, Present continuous and spelling rules for present continuous.
Teaches: The subjunctive mood, The forms "there is" and "there are", Primary and modal auxiliaries can, must, have to, should, ought to, would 1, would 2, wish - would, would - rather and would mind.
Teaches: Question words, Indirect questions, Use of the auxiliary verb "to do" in questions, Quantifiers, The noun: countable and uncountable nouns, plural and possessive nouns.
Teaches: Conditionals; Real and Unreal, Present, Past and Future Real Conditional, Present, Past and Future Unreal Conditional, Exceptions: other forms and conditional with modal verbs.

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