When RG Training Resources commenced operations in September 2002, our goal was to provide our customers with the resources and solutions for their company’s training needs by creating long term customer relationships and demonstrating exceptional customer service and prompt delivery.

We have focused our efforts on video-based training programs that can be delivered in a variety of formats: Online Video Streaming, DVD, e-Learning, and Web-based delivery. Many of our programs are also available in French. 

Representing the top producers of training materials from around the world, our wide range of products covers all areas of management and sales, including leadership, supervision, customer service, communication, motivation, diversity and respect, innovation and change, and many more. 

These soft skills programs are generic, off-the-shelf videos that can either fit into a pre-existing training program or can be used as the basis for the development of your own, customized program.

With over 30 years of sales, acquisition and marketing experience in the training industry, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge. 

Our Account Manager Shelly Munshaw is well known in the industry and brings many years of knowledge and professional customer service skills. Whether you are looking for recommendations or know what you want, her product knowledge will assist you in identifying the training programs that will best suit your needs.

Our commitment is to help you with your precise training needs by focusing on the important issues facing today’s organizations:

  • Lifelong Learning: In today’s world, it is essential to encompass continual learning for both personal growth and professional development.
  • Productivity: Through effective and continuous training, you can influence employees to be creative, have a positive attitude, and stay motivated. This in turn leads to increased productivity and thus greater profitability.
  • Employee Retention: To stay competitive, it is essential to hire and train good employees – and it is more cost effective to keep these employees than to hire and train new ones. 

  • Just in Time Delivery: As social media continues to grow, training is more accessible to more people and can be delivered as needed 24/7. Just in time training and delivery saves both time and money.
What makes RG Training Resources stand out is that our online training is combined with text and video streaming to enhance the training experience for the learner.

To assist you to reach your training objectives, we offer competitive pricing and superior products to meet all your training objectives. Our website provides easy access to all our products: search by title, by subject area or by producer.

RG Training Resources offers many options for video streaming and e-Learning either on your LMS or ours. To learn about these programs, click on the links for more information. Just log in to preview any of these courses or call us today at 705-526-2224 or 1-866-269-9662 for a password!