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OH My God!is an entertaining and insightful look at the spiritual teachings, customs and daily lives of families of different faiths. Viewers follow Tevya eller on a delightful journey as he experiences a vast array of traditions and social activities with the help of teen guides who discuss what it means to have faith -- and how to have a little fun along the way! Oh My God! presents a lively dialogue with teens through an 'in the moment' lens offering a light-hearted and honest look at faith, culture and how the youth of today view their spiritual education as an integral part of who they are.

Dreadlocks. Reggae and Bob Marley. Cannabis. Tevya meets a teenager who unlocks the truth behind the beliefs of the "Rasta".
From learning the art of the Samurai warrior to taking part in an ancient tea ceremony, Tevya reveals the secrets of a faith that is as old as Japan itself, Shintoism.
Catholics are by far the largest sect of Christianity in the world, so from the Pope to the Confessional booth, Tevya learns what makes Catholicism such an enduring 2000 year-old faith.
Tevya meets a young Islamic Palestinian and reveals why Jerusalem is considered such a sacred piece of religious real estate to all Muslims.
Tevya meets a Jewish high-school film student, and reveals why Jerusalem is considered the most sacred place on earth to all Jews.
Tevya meets an Arab Christian high-school student from the West Bank, and then walks in the steps of Jesus to find out why Jerusalem is considered such a sacred lace to all Christians.

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