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"Ever Imagined what your Future Could be?!"

Produced in Canada

Back to OUR Future -A fun & insightful youth documentary series that dives into dozens of career possibilities. BTOF aims to uncover the mysteries behind the process of becoming an architect, a doctor, an artist-and whatever a teenager could dream of becoming-a refreshing departure from any 'job' show. Our young host dives deep into the work with University Students, Professors and the Pros to assist in completing their projects. The style is fast paced and nteractive engaging a youth audience.

LET'S GO with host Herschel Bronfman as he visits The University of Toronto, the ROM and much more.

What is an Architect? So why Architect and what would you actually be doing to become one? Find this out while Herschel talks with the Architecture Teachers and their undergraduates.

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